An orchestra is a large instrumental ensemble used in classical music that contains sections of string (violin, viola, cello and double bass), brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments.

Label list

China Philharmonic Orchestra 中国爱乐乐团 abbreviated CPO
Beijing Symphony Orchestra 北京交响乐团 The Orchestral Pearl of the Capital of China
Shanghai Symphony Orchestra 上海交响乐团 founded in 1879
Chicago Symphony Orchestra 芝加哥交响乐团 American orchestra based in Chicago
Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra 广州交响乐团 founded in 1957
Macao Orchestra 澳门乐团 based in the Chinese special administrative region
Wiener Philharmoniker 维也纳爱乐乐团 one of the finest in the world
Shanxi Symphony Orchestra 山西省交响乐团
Ningbo Symphony Orchestra 宁波交响乐团
China National Symphony Orchestra 中国国家交响乐团 renamed in 1996
Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra 上海爱乐乐团 former is SBSO
Jilin Symphony Orchestra 吉林省交响乐团 Jilin province of China
Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra 首尔爱乐乐团 Korea
Qingdao Symphony Orchestra 青岛交响乐团 re-established in April 2005
Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra 香港管弦乐团 the largest symphony orchestra in Hong Kong
New York Philharmonic 纽约爱乐乐团 one of the leading American orchestras
Zhejiang symphony orchestra 浙江交响乐团 Founded in 2009
Shaanxi Philharmonic Orchestra 陕西爱乐乐团 Provincial Orchestra of Shaanxi
Gansu symphony orchestra 甘肃交响乐团 Gansu Song Dance Theatre Symphony Orchestra
Xinjiang philharmonic orchestra 新疆爱乐乐团 based on Xinjiang
Suzhou Symphony Orchestra 苏州交响乐团 Founded in 2016
Berlin Philharmonic 柏林爱乐乐团 one of the best orchestras in the world
Guiyang Symphony Orchestra 贵阳交响乐团 establishment in 2009
Los Angeles Philharmonic 洛杉矶爱乐乐团 founded in 1919
Lanzhou Symphony Orchestra 兰州交响乐团 founded in 1973
Kunming Nie Er Symphony Orchestra 昆明聂耳交响乐团 city card of Kunming
Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra 深圳交响乐团 established in 1982
Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra 杭州爱乐乐团 Founded on April 20th 2009
Zhonghua Symphony Orchestra 中华交响乐团 Founded in 1940
San Francisco Symphony 旧金山交响乐团 founded in 1911
Sichuan Symphony Orchestra 四川交响乐团 founded in 2002
Boston Symphony Orchestra 波士顿交响乐团 Founded in 1881
Philadelphia Orchestra 费城管弦乐团 Founded in 1900
Cleveland Orchestra 克利夫兰管弦乐团 Founded in 1918
The Orchestra of Changchun Film Studio 长影乐团 OCFS
Liangshan Symphony Orchestra 凉山交响乐团 Liangshan, Sichuan
Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra 莱比锡布商大厦管弦乐团 in Leipzig German
Qinhuangdao Symphony Orchestra 秦皇岛市交响乐团 in Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China
London Symphony Orchestra 伦敦交响乐团 founded in 1904
Baotou Symphony Orchestra 包头交响乐团 in Inner Mongolia
Hebei Symphony Orchestra 河北交响乐团 in Hebei, China
Chongqing Philharmonic 重庆爱乐乐团 in Chongqing, China
China NCPA Orchestra 国家大剧院管弦乐团 resident of China NCPA
Yellow River Symphony Orchestra 郑州黄河交响乐团 Funded in 2015
Music Season 音乐季
Dresden Philharmonic 德累斯顿爱乐乐团 German symphony orchestra
Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra 台北爱乐乐团 Funded 1985
Shenyang Symphony Orchestra 沈阳交响乐团 Funded 2013
Wu Hua 吴华 Chinese composer