A war song is a musical composition that relates to war, or a society's attitudes towards war. They may be pro-war, anti-war, or simply a description of everyday life during war times.

Label list

Xi Zi Gu Niang 西子姑娘
zhuàng zhì líng xiāo 壮志凌霄
The British Grenadiers 掷弹兵进行曲
Shui Bing De Zhu Fu 水兵的祝福
Shi Wu De Yue Liang 十五的月亮
Huai Nian Zhan You 怀念战友 (高峻词徐锡宜曲)
Bian Jiang De Quan Shui Qing You Chun (Spring Water at the Frontiers is Clear and Pure) 边疆的泉水清又纯
Arne: Rule, Britannia! 阿恩 - 统治吧,不列颠尼亚!
Jun Min Da Sheng Chan 军民大生产(边区十唱)
Dao Di Ren Hou Fang Qu (To Go Behind Enemy Lines) 到敌人后方去
V Put 出发
Military Anthem of the People's Liberation Army 中国人民解放军进行曲
Anthem of the Beiyang Fleet 北洋海军军歌
Guerrillas' Song 游击队歌
Soldiers From Everywhere 东西南北兵
The Song of One Two Three Four 一二三四歌
Being A Soldier 当兵的人
Words From My Heart 说句心里话
Littel White Poplar 小白杨
For Whom 为了谁
Say Nothing 什么也不说
I Love the Motherland's Blue Skies 我爱祖国的蓝天
My dear soldier 兵哥哥