Tang Junqiao, Renowned player and educator of bamboo flute, Professor and tutor of graduate students at Shanghai Conservatory of Music.


Tang Junqiao

Renowned player and educator of bamboo flute

Professor and tutor of graduate students at Shanghai Conservatory of Music

A leading talent of Shanghai

President of the Bamboo Flute Professional Committee of Shanghai Musician Association

Vice President of China Bamboo Flute Academy

Vice President of the Bamboo Flute Academy of Chinese Musicians Association

Member of the Review Committee of China National Arts Fund

Expert dissertation reviewer at the Center of Academic Degrees of the Ministry of Education

Washington Post once praised Tang Junqiao for “her virtuosity in a nearly unlimited breadth of timbres...” She has also won accolades from bamboo flute professionals for her solid skills, mellow timbre and superb control of breadth.

As a guest solo flutist, she has been invited to perform at dozens of international music and art festivals, as well as hundreds of concerto and special concerts.

She has performed traditional Chinese music for more than 30 foreign state leaders, and is the only Chinese player of folk music who has ever been invited to regularly cooperate with world famous institutes like New York Philharmonic, BBC Symphony Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra and Bamberg Symphony in the performance of a number of concertos for Chinese bamboo flutes. Quite a few bamboo flute music pieces have become classics after her performance.

She also stands out as an excellent educator. More than 10 of her students majoring in bamboo flute at Shanghai Conservatory of Music have won 27 golden awards at national professional competitions of traditional instrumental music. Together, Tang and these talented students are known as “China’s Dream Team of Bamboo Flutists.” 

She was invited to record the Bamboo flute and Bawu parts in Tandun ‘s composition for film Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon directed by Ann Lee. In addition, she has worked with a lot of Chinese composers, premiering a series of famous composers’ bamboo flute concertos, such as Bamboo Flute Concerto No.2 Wild Fire by Guo Wenjing, Bamboo Flute Concerto the question of by Zhu Shirui, Cang by Yangqin, Fei Song by Tang Jianping, Bamboo Flute Concerto No.1 Capriccio of China No.1-the impression of Orient, etc. Bamboo Flute Concerto No.1 Chou Kong Shan by Guo Wenjing played by Tang Junqiao has become the most frequent Chinese instrument concerto repertoire worldwide, touring to dozens of countries and areas such as England, United States, German, France, Belgium, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Estonia, and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau. Her beautiful flute sound has been left in those well-known theaters like Berlin philharmonic hall, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, John F.Kennedy Arts Center,  Messiaen hall , Musikverein , Barbican Center , Sidney Opera House, Hamburg Messe und Congress, Mariinsky Theater, Calle del Príncipe de Vergara. Tang Junqiao has contributed to the popularization and development of Chinese ethnic music. In addition, she is also the first artist being invited by China National Center of Performing Arts to play Chinese instrument concerto after it’s opening.

She has published ten textbooks, monograph and CD, DVD of albums,  <Chinese magic flute-Tang Junqiao> released by Dutch Record Company in 48 countries is the first SACD Bamboo flute performance album in the world.

For the past years, she has been invited to play several bamboo flute concerto with a large amount of famous symphony orchestra, such as NY Philharmonic, BBC Symphony Orchestra, London Royal Philharmonic, London Symphony orchestra, Orchestre National de France, Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, Hamburg Symphony Orchestra, Belgium National Symphony Orchestra, Lao Radio Symphony Orchestra, Italy Lazio Symphony Orchestra, Hawaii Honolulu Symphony Orchestra, Finland Kuopio Orchestra, Hong Kong Orchestra, Macau Orchestra, Berlin KBO Orchestra, etc. and top Chinese Orchestra like China Broadcasting  Chinese Orchestra, Central Chinese Orchestra, Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Macau Chinese Orchestra, Singapore Chinese Orchestra, National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan, Taipei Chinese Orchestra. In addition, She has been often invited to cooperate with Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Beijing Symphony Orchestra, Hangzhou Philharmonic to have world concert tour.

Her achievement has been recorded into Chinese Musician Dictionary, Chinese Eminent Ethnic Musician Dictionary and Who’s Who in the World complied by International Biographical Centre.

Info: Dizi player
Type: Person Female
Period: 1978.12.17 - ..
Age: 45 years
Occupation :Dizi Player


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