Manchu people are an ethnic minority in China and the people from whom Manchuria derives its name. They are sometimes called "red-tasseled Manchus", a reference to the ornamentation on traditional Manchu hats.

Label list

Jin Tielin 金铁霖 Chinese musician and artist.
Guan Muchun 关牧村 Mezzo-Soprano
Fu Gengchen 傅庚辰 Chinese composer
Lei Zhenbang 雷振邦 Chinese composer
Wang Liping 王立平 Chinese composer
Tong Tiexin 佟铁鑫 Chinese baritone
Deng Yuhua 邓玉华 Soprano
Lei Lei 雷蕾 Chinese composer
Hu Songhua 胡松华 Tenor
Lang Lang 郎朗 International superstar pianist
Guan Naizhong 关乃忠 Chinese composer