Dizi player Zhang Weiliang was born in Suzhou in 1957 and began to learn Dizi from famous Dizi player Zhao Songting in 1967.


Famous flute, Xiao, and ancient egg-shaped holed wind instrument performer; Educator; Composer; Professor of China Conservatory of Music; Doctoral Supervisor; Vice Chairman of Beijing Musician Association; President of China Bamboo Flute Society; Senior Titles of Professional judges of Culture Department and Deputy Director of Academic Board of China Conservatory of Music. Zhang was a former Executive Member of Chinese Musicians Association; Deputy Director of Folk Music Committee and Director of Chinese Music Department in Chinese Conservatory of Music.

Zhang was awarded Beijing “Great Teacher” title in 2011; awarded Beijing Model Worker title and Ministry of National Education excellent “National Instrumental Music Teaching Team” leader title in 2010.

Zhang was awarded instrumental music works competition from the Culture Department “Weeping Flower” outstanding title in 2010, and in 2008 he took the music creation of the 29th Olympic opening ceremony. In 2003 he Won the first price of national dancing competition music writing “Bamboo Dream” ; in 2002 zither and electronic music “canglang autumn chant” won CCTV “new light Award” First Prize and was awarded Beijing ” excellence in both skills and moral integrity ” in the same year.  In 2001 the dance “Yuan” won the gold prize of “Russia World Dance Competition” (served as music creation). In 2000 the dance “Garden Deep” won the first prize of China TV dance competition (served as music creation).  In 1987 He published the first laser CD in China – “the World of Xiao” (CCD8701) and was awarded China Gold Records prize; flute solo “South Rhyme” won 3rd price of the National Sixth Instrumental Music Works competition. In 1987, 2009 and 2011 he participated in Jiangnan Sizhu competitions and won first price for each and was the champion of National Instrumental Music competition (flute group) in 1982.

Zhang has held three solo concerts at the British Royal Music Hall, cooperated and researched with France Lyon Electronic Musical Centre for electronic music production, had concerts in Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Central Concert Hall in USA and concerts in Europe, Asia, America and Africa tens of countries. Monographs Published: “Bamboo Flute Art Research” and “Bamboo Flute Tutorial” (four books).

Essays Published: “Chinese Flute Music Culture Development Perspective”, “Zhang Wei-Liang on Chinese Music Development”, and “Art College Reform Thinking” –More than 10 articles were published at national first grade press.

Records album: “World of Xiao”, “The Blowpipe Art of Zhang Wei-liang”, “Weeping Flower”, “Die Young”, “Farewell Dream”, “Happy Meeting”, “Ask Love”, “Heavenly Sound of Xiao”, “Ask God”, “Infatuation for Flute”, “Tea Drops”, “Red Leaves”, ”Taste Zen in Tea”, “Poetics of Tea”, “New Song of Herdsmen”, “Butterfly Dream”, and “Love of Eagle”, “Floating Clouds and Flowing Water”, and “Song from Homeward Fishing Boat”. Plus wrote more than 120 music works.

He has also recorded and published CDs for film, TV and radio, “bamboo flute tutorial–sleek tone training”, “ flute playing”, “French Flute playing”, “Xiao album”, “20 music score of flute, Xiao and Zither, “20th century famous flute music album”, and “flute passing level materials”.

Zhang Weiliang
Info: famous flute, Xiao performer
Type: Person Male
Period: 1957.. - ..
Age: 65 years
Occupation :Dizi Player


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