🙏 Died on October 8th, aged 74.
Tanimura Shinji (谷村 新司 Tanimura Shinji) (born 11 December 1948) is a Japanese singer-songwriter.


Tanimura Shinji (谷村 新司 Tanimura Shinji) (born 11 December 1948) is a Japanese singer-songwriter.


Tanimura set up the musical group Alice together with Takao Horiuchi in 1971 and released his first extended play musical album in the following year. Alice produced its first album two years later. During this time, Tanimura also composed several musical pieces for other singers, such as Momoe Yamaguchi. In 1981, he held concerts in places such as Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Beijing. He also made recordings on the Japanese division of the Casablanca Records label.

Tanimura Shinji
Info: Japanese singer
Type: Person Male
Period: 1948.12.11 - 2023.10.8
Age: aged 74
Area :Japan
Occupation :Singer


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