Liu Sha is the conductor of the China Central National Orchestra (CCNO), resident conductor of the China Youth National Orchestra.


Liu Sha, Level-I Conductor of China, Permanent Conductor of China National Traditional Orchestra, Vice Chairman of the Association of Musicians under Association of Chinese Artists in Russia and Art Director of Jilin Province Symphony Orchestra. After graduating from Conducting Department, Central Conservatory of Music, he studied in Saint-Petersburg Conservatory of Russia and then graduated with the highest score and was awarded with the diploma for Conductor of Opera-Symphony. He received instructions from Professor Xu Xin, Professor Wang Fujian and Professor Alexzander Polishuchuk successively. In recent years, Liu Sha was called «Amphibious Conductor» across China and the West. In the field of symphony, he is especially good at performing music works of Russia and Eastern Europe and has been expanding performance programs in a creative way, covering music works of the 20th century of the West and contemporary music works of China. He was reputed as an outstanding representative and leader of the new generation of national music conductors. In 2016, he was listed among the «Top 10 Outstanding National Orchestra Conductors of China» as the youngest conductor during the 5th Global Forum on Chinese Traditional Music. In August 2016, he was selected as the cover figure and exclusively interviewed by People’s Music. He conducted many academic theoretical researches in a large number of artistic practices and teaching activities, published many papers and music reviews and was hired by various art colleges & universities in China.

Over many years, Liu Sha has completed a great number of performances based on cooperation with dozens of orchestras in China such as China National Traditional Orchestra, China Film Symphony Orchestra and China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra as well as many famous orchestras and opera houses around the world, including St. Petersburg Chamber Philharmonic, Russia, Orchestra of Saint-Petersburg Conservatory and Rimsky-Korsakov Opera House. He served as Conductor of China National Traditional Orchestra for many times during visits and performances in Russia, France, South Korea, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, USA, etc. In 2010, he served as the conductor in the Concert for Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of China National Traditional Orchestra and was received and praised by state leaders. In 2011, he had a tour performance in various European countries. In 2013, he performed in the New Year’s Concert for Ethnic Chinese in Hawaii and participated in the Pan Pacific Asia Arts Festival organized by Stanford University in San Francisco. In 2014, he served as the conductor in the concert for «Closing Ceremony of China’s Year of Tourism in Russia» and thus became of the first Chinese musician performing in the world-famous Mariinsky Theatre in Russia. In the same year, he conducted the orchestra in the welcoming performance for APEC Summit of leaders of 21 countries. In 2015, he conducted the orchestra in the performance of Rebirth of National Music in the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and Carnegie Hall in the United States and was thus greatly praised by the Ambassador to the United States and the Consul General, which caused a sensation among music fans. In 2016, he conducted the orchestra in the performance for the closing ceremony of China-Latin America and Caribbean 2016 Year of Culture Exchange in Colombia and Mexico. During the same year, he conducted the Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra and Russian State Ballet in the performance of the ballet Swan Lake, which was successful and well-received.

Liu Sha
Info: conductor
Type: Person Male
Period: 1978.9.26 - ..
Age: 42 years
Occupation :Conductor


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