Chen Xieyan, famous conductor, entered the affiliated middle school of a conservatory of music in 1953.


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Chen Xieyan, famous conductor, entered the affiliated middle school of a conservatory of music in 1953. He first learned piano, and then entered composition class. In 1960, he entered department of conduct as an undergraduate, and became a student of Professor Huang Xiaotong. In 1965, he graduated with excellent academic records, and became a permanent conductor in Shanghai Ballet Orchestra. He had been to North Korea, Japan, Canada, and France to give performance since 1970's.

In 1981, Chen visited the US by invitation. He then became a student of Otto Muller in Yale University to pursue the study of conduct. He also cooperated successfully with New York Modern Music Orchestra, Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra, and Honolulu Symphony Orchestra to give performances and introduce the works of modern Chinese composers.

In 1982, he conducted in Asbon Music Festival in the US by invitation, and achieved great success. Afterwards, he conducted Philippines National Symphony Orchestra and Hong Kong Orchestra. Later on, by the invitation of France "Sound of Music" Record Corporation, he conducted Beijing Central Orchestra to record Beethoven's first and forth symphony. He also participated in the work of conduct in the music and dance epic the Song of Chinese Revolution.

Chen has been to many countries and regions for performances since 1985, which include the former Soviet Union, Japan, Scotland, Italy, the US, Germany, etc. He also conducted Central Orchestral and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra to record dozens of famous symphony pieces both at home and abroad.

In 1987, he was awarded "excellent conduct prize" in "Shanghai's Spring" music festival. The violin concerto The Butterfly Lovers conducted by him won the "Gold Record Prize" issued by China Record Corporation in 1989. He was recorded by Dictionary of International Biography published by Cambridge Center of International Biography.

Chen is now national first rank conductor, and assumes the music supervisor and first principal conductor of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra vice chairman of Shanghai Association of Musicians, director of China Association of Musicians, and dean of Shanghai Amateur Association of Symphony.

Chen Xieyang
Info: Conductor
Type: Person Male
Period: 1939.5.4 - ..
Age: 81 years
Occupation :Conductor


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